Test. Measurement. Automation. It's what we do.

Core Competencies

Automate your systems with custom software written in LabVIEW. Made just for your project.


We focus on using LabVIEW to implement system level software. LabVIEW enables tight hardware integration and reduces development time.

Data Acquisition

Understanding and improving a process is only possible through data. Automate data acquisition to gain insight.

Sensor Integration

Integration of sensors is key to any successful automation project. With experience in analog, RS-232, USB Serial and CAN Bus, we’ve got you covered.


Automate control of hardware to avoid errors in process control, data acquisition and signal processing.



We help teams implement automation projects in data acquisition, control systems, and test & measurement.
Automate your processes so you can spend time on what counts.

Bloomfield Automation is currently a one-man shop started by Ian Bloomfield. He got his start with a double major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. After time spent in industry at Xcel Energy, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), National Instruments and a sensor startup called femtoScale, he followed his experience and passion into consulting work. Check out his LinkedIn for more info.

While he’s seen a little bit of everything, his strengths are in automating systems with LabVIEW. He’s worked with organizations large and small to implement projects on tight timelines and with limited budgets.

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